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Connect those who are looking for a pet with all the many pets that are in need of a good home.

About Us

www.FreePetList.com is the online Free Classifieds for all animals!

We are dedicated to providing the single most comprehensive and updated compilation of free pet classifieds located anywhere, including those for adoption, sale, or fostering.

A greater number and variety of pets attract a larger viewing audience, which in turn translates to more pets being adopted, fostered and sold (Pets Finding Homes).

Our Tag line: Ready Set Go Find Your Pet.

Explanation: Its a race against time for many animals to find homes.

Many homeowners have been unexpectedly uprooted and too often they leave their loving pets in over burdened shelters, on the street, or worse.

Safe Transactions

It’s always a good idea to verify sources and the reputations of those offering animals and to educate yourself about the species you are choosing. Know your State laws pertaining to pet keeping and shipping (if necessary) of the animal you are considering buying or adopting.

Most people find that a local transaction is not only more convenient, but that it is safer for both buyer and seller. www.FreePetList.com simplifies your search by giving you extensive and immediate exposure of the classified ads in your area.

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*FreePetList is a FREE online classified platform that supports the postings of free classified advertisements. It is not a forum, blog or chat room.